Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reader Advice

I'm sure a lot of you are feeling the affects of the changing weather with allergies or spring colds. I have been hit with one as well.

I have been suffering from severe congestion and what feels like swollen glands on both sides of my throat that feels like it is attached to my ears. This makes me think I have some sort of sinus infection. The bad part is that I am a nursing mom so most medications are off limits to me.

I wanted to solicit solutions from my readers. In honor of April being Earth month and to support my running theme of "Going Green as a Family", I wanted to see if any of my readers had any natural solutions to get rid of sinus infections or cold/flu.

If you have an all natural solution, please leave a comment below or link to a post that you may have written or find. I am trying to convert my home slowly to all natural, earth-friendly products. Some of the best working products are those that are homemade. If you have any advice or solutions, please share with everyone!

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