Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 Little Things That Lead to a Happier, Healthier You!

Spring is definitely in the air! Do you feel it? I am so glad to have the warmer weather and sunshine! I have been stir crazy finding new things to do and making improvements on the house, working in the garden, etc. Spring is definitely a happy time for me.
With spring in mind, I have decided to participate in TwitterMom's 10 Little Things post. Below are my 10 Things That Lead to a Happier, Healthier You!
  1. I enjoy going to church each week. What could be more happy or healthy than making sure your Spirit is in check!
  2. I enjoy playing outside with my little guy. It makes me super happy to see him having a good time.
  3. I enjoy walking the dogs. We all need the exercise. My dogs get lazy sometimes and walking keeps them going.
  4. I enjoy sitting and reading a good book. This is a destresser for me. Nothing is more healthy than relieving some stress.
  5. I enjoy hanging out with friends. This is another great way for me to destress.
  6. I enjoy going to concerts. This is great exercise and makes me happy. Who doesn't enjoy to boogie every now and then?
  7. I have a healthier home when I clean with natural products. I can really tell the difference using chemicals over natural things to clean.
  8. I really enjoy fostering cats! It is so cool to take in the pregnant mommas and watch them prepare for labor and then watch the little ones grow. Makes me very happy!
  9. I love to relax and snuggle up to a good movie. I will pop some natural popcorn and add a little seasoning salt and enjoy my healthy high-fiber snack!
  10. I enjoy hiking and seeing new sights. There is just something about exploring new things that makes me happy. I love to see and do things I have never seen or done before. I usually get lots of exercise in the process which is very healthy!

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