Monday, August 4, 2008

Contest Winner?

So my site went over 500 which was one of my contests. Those of you who have visited my site, if you noticed you were the 500th one, please send me an email and you will win the prize! If I don't receive an email in 24 hours, I will repost the contest. We are on the honor system so please be honest! If you are not the winner, stay tuned, there will be many more contests and chances to win great prizes. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and please start commenting. A blog is only as good as its readers so if everyone pitches in and leaves deals or things that have worked for them or comments, it will help to make this blog great and help us all save in a big way! Thanks so much and come back tomorrow for more great deals!

1 comment:

jgrimsbo said...

It is great to read the deals for the next shopping day. Keep up the good work.

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