Monday, August 4, 2008

Walgreens Deals for Week of August 3-9

Any of these deals in black, you are able to get a raincheck for the item and still get it for the price I have listed, even with the Walgreens coupon. When you request a coupon, the clerk will staple the WC onto the raincheck and you will get it for that price later. I have been informed that the rainchecks NEVER expire so don't let them tell you otherwise! The deals in green produce RR so they are only good at that price until midnight on Saturday the 9th!

  • Pepsi Products 12-pack 3/$9.96. Use FREE 12-pack WC in ad (can be used on any kind of Pepsi, doesn't have to be the Limited Edition Mountain Dew as it says in the coupon. My mom got this last week and got 4 Diet Pepsi!) $9.96/4=$2.49/1.
  • 2 Pocket Folder by Penway $.09 with WC in ad.
  • 10-pack #2 Yellow Pencils by Penway $.09 with WC in ad.
  • Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue $.99 with WC in ad.
  • 6-pack Paper Mate Hightlighters $.09 with WC in ad.
  • 10-pack Paper Mate 1.2 Pens $.09 with WC in ad.
  • Nestle 6-pack Crunch Bar Eskimo Pies 2/$6. Use (2) $1/1 MFG. $6-2=$4/2=$2/1.
  • Green Giant Vegetables or Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup $.69 with WC in ad.
  • Kellogg's Deals: Cereal (Raisin Bran, Smart Start, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Special K, or Frosted Flakes), Snacks (Nutri-Grain Bars 6 or 8-pack, Special K Bars 6-pack, Sandies Pecan Shortbread or Keebler Club Crackers 16oz) 4/$10. Use (2) $1/2 MFG from Sunday's paper. Get $5 RR. $10-2-5=$3/4=$.75/1.
  • Kellogg's Deals: Pop-tarts 8-pack, Cheez-it Crackers 8.5 or 10oz, Rice Krispies Treats 8-pack, Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes Cookies 11.5oz 5/$10. Buy 6 & use (3) $1/2 MFG. $12-3-5=$4/6=$.66/1. Get both of the Kellogg's deals here and you qualify for the Kellogg's MIR in Sunday's paper. That makes your 10 items which total $6.96 and you will get back a $10 rebate (has to be between 8/5/08 & 9/30/08 so don't go until tomorrow). That means you will make $+3.04 for buying 10 yummy Kellogg's products! Can't beat that! Another note: I just noticed that you have to purchase all of these on 1 receipt for the rebate. I bought them on 2 to get my register rewards so I will have to return and rebuy them on one receipt. You can also do this if you have trouble finding all the things at one Walgreens. You may have to buy one of the deals at one and another at another and then have them all put onto one receipt. There are ways of getting around things!
  • Nestle Nips 4oz 3/$2 with WC in ad. $2/3=$.67/1.
  • Blue Diamond Almonds 16oz $4.99 with WC in ad. Use $1/1 MFG. $4.99-1=$3.99.+
  • Ultra Tuf Trash Bags Various Sizes 2/$10. Get $5 ESR. $10-5=$5/2=$2.50/1.
  • Household Cleaners & Deodorizers (Shout 22oz or 12-pack Wipes, Oust Air Sanitizers 10oz, Windex 22-32.5oz or 28-pack Wipes, Fantastik 26 or 32oz, Scrubbing Bubbles 16oz, Glade Carpet/Room Deodorizer 32oz) 2/$5. Use $.75/1 MFG for Shout, $1/1 MFG for Oust, $.75/1 for Windex, or $1/1 for Scrubbing Bubbles. Get $2 ESR. $5-2-2=$1/2=$.50/1.
  • Household Essentials (Pledge Orange Oil 16oz, Spray 12.5oz, 18 or 25-pack Wipes, Drano Gel 32oz or Liquid Foam 17oz, Oust Surface & Air Sanitizer 12oz, or Scrubbinb Bubbles Cleaning Gel 6-pack or Shower Cleaner Refill 34oz) 2/$6. Use B1G1 MFG & $1/1 MFG for Pledge, $1/1 MFG for Oust, $1.50/2 for Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner Refill, $1/1 printable MFG here for Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Gel. Get $2 ESR. $6-3-1-2=FREE for Pledge.
  • Glade Candle 4oz $1.99. Use $1/1 MFG. Get $1 ESR. FREE after coupon & rebate.
  • Energizer Max Batteries 4-pack AA or AAA, 2-pack C or D, 1-pack 9V $2.99 with WC in ad. Use $1/1 MFG. $2.99-1=$1.99.
  • Film Developing FREE Wednesday the 6th Only with WC in ad! Limit 1.
  • White Posterboard 22x28" or Erasers 2-pack pink or 15-pack Cap $.59. Use $10 savings WC in ad & get them for $.09 each.
  • Writing Instruments, Box, Binder or Sharpener $.99. Use $10 savings WC in ad & get them for $.49 each.
  • Index Cards Corner Office 70-pack Colored 3x5" or 100-pack Ruled or Plain 3x5" $.69. Use $10 savings WC in ad & get them for $.19 each.
  • Legal Pad 50-sheet Corner Office 5x8" or 8.5x11.75" $.79. Use $10 savings WC in ad & get them for $.29 each. Filler Paper by Penway 130-sheet College Ruled or 150-sheet Wide or College Ruled $.89. Use $10 savings WC in ad & get them for $.39 each.
  • Acco Paper Clips $.19 with WC in ad.
  • Ruler 12" Wooden or Flexible $.19 with WC in ad.
  • Jumbo Glue Stick .77oz Penway 2/$1 with WC in ad. $.50/1.
  • Mini Highlighter Pen Splash $.19 with WC in ad.
  • Fashion Pencil Assorted 8/$1 with WC in ad.
  • Nivea Lip Balm $2.99. Use $.50 ESC. Get $2.99 MIR. $+.50 after coupon & rebate.
  • Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars $1. Use $.50/1 MFG. $1-.50=$.50.
  • Special K Protein Bars $1. Buy 2 & use $1/2 MFG. $1x2=$2-1=$1/2=$.50/1.

FREE After ESR This Month:

  • Pert Plus 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner 13.5oz $4.29. Use $3/1 MFG or $2/1 MFG or $1/1 MFG. Get $4.29 ESR. $+3 after coupon & rebate.
  • Jane Be Pure Mineral Powder, Blush or Foundation $4.99. Get $4.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Walgreens Soft White Light Bulbs 4-pack or 3-way Single $1.99. Get $1.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Living Solutions Vacuum Bags 21.5"x33.5", 13.4"x19.5", or 18"x22.5" 2-pack $5.99. Get $5.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • Living Solutions Vacuum Bag 35"x48" $9.99. Get $9.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.
  • BioInfusion Organics or Olive Hair Care $5.99. Get $5.99 ESR. FREE after rebate. Limit 2!
  • Walgreens Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge $6.99. Get $6.99 ESR. FREE after rebate.

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